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Models4Models announces the opening of the second location in Bucharest

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As they come to say, new year, new me, our tradition pulls through the wiseness of these words and keeps us going and applying to all segments of our lives: that includes business. 2020 was not our year in a very broad sense, although numbers have gone up and also  the number of models that joined our family.  As the income had significantly been rising on our models accounts, creativity has sprung in our Mama Studio and somewhere along the road, we have decided it is time for the next best thing to being released. 

And it has.

Many of you already know about Models4Models, an independent Bucharest based studio, run by women for women. I know, it is unlikely for the industry to have a business coordinated only by a team of women from A to Z, as some call us the feminists of the industry, I like to call us pioneers for or a change, for the good stuff, for how women are treated, how women earn, and how women are just generally looked at, especially in our industry. Because the judgment is there, it has always been, and it will long stay, but that is not it, we can live with that, so do our bank accounts (wink wink) but no one has to put up with being bullied by society, or by any kind of injustice brought to our personal decisions, whatever they might be.

Now, because the Mama Studio, Models4Models, has grown out into a big community and space for models that empower and support other models, our baby project is coming to life under the name of Dinasty Studio by Models4Models, but unlike the big base, Dinasty has a different approach, although the core is, in all its real beauty, pretty much the same as M4M. Eclectic, fresh, raw, like a clear porcelain skin on a Vogue cover, it has gut, and the right cockiness to dance as if nobody is watching. Oh, and trust me, they are watching.

Dinasty Studio by Models4Models is a vibrant living mechanism of itself, starting with the interior design that screams luxury, it all screams life, the life of the party and stability and success , and as hard it is to imagine this sentence taking place in real life, this new line of business is more than just promising. Situated in Old Town, right where the life of the party normally is, Dinasty Studio occupies a generous space, with over 15 glamorously designed rooms for each and every single personality that is out there, leaving no space for doubt, but for excitement all the way. Each room is carefully decorated with hand-picked furniture, the best selection of fabrics, and the highest tech that is available on the market. Yes, we know, we did quite a good job. But as sometimes we like things to speak for themselves, we also like to bring attention to the line of models that are onboarding with us - fresh faces that crack the morning light into our lives, with different beliefs, supporting different beauty types, different personalities but united by the same thing. Be a part of a successful team. We encourage fizzy personalities, and we are damn proud each time the team grows bigger and stronger. Because Dinasty is about legacy, a legacy of women that are proud of who they are but strive to become more than what they were told to, and that later on pass this knowledge of what success really is and feels like to other women. True empowerment is a state of mine, not a quote from a self-help book. True empowerment is waking up every day, being disciplined, and not standing away from it, no matter what people will say, no matter what people will think. True empowerment is getting up and making your dreams come true. True empowerment is helping other get where you are because the stronger you are together, the more are the benefits. Society is infused with teachings that encourage women to exist outside of themselves. We often look to magazines and highly commercialized celebrities like the Kardashians to know how to dress and present ourselves; we look to other people in our lives to know what to do next (Should I leave him? Should I apply for that job? Should I do this? Should I do that?); we listen to the diet and beauty industries that tell us we aren’t beautiful enough, and then we follow their advice to fix something that was never broken.

True empowerment is opening another studio when all the world is on hold, teaching, educating, being up to date to financial forecasts, to money-making opportunities. REAL Money-making opportunities, not blank words on social media ads.

True empowerment are numbers going up in the first month of opening, models being supported, seen, heard, being the best versions of themselves, understanding that some things come and go, but with a sharp mind you learn how to invest and leave something behind. 

To all the above mentioned and not yet mentioned, we have made a serious promise to commitment.

Because true empowerment is keeping your word - that to yourself first. 

For the real deal, come by! We got what it takes to make women real legends and help them write their own stories!

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